Time for a change: we have rebranded!

When I first started NK Credit Consultancy last year I didn’t really give a great deal of thought to the name. I needed a name to register at Companies House and this was what my husband and I came up with at the time. Not very inventive but it served a purpose.

The Wrong Idea

After speaking with a significant number of small business owners in my first year of trading it was obvious that the name didn’t give my potential clients the right idea of what I could do for them. I am frequently asked if I do business loans, business finance, invoice discounting, factoring or debt collection. None of which I do!

I was also caught in the trap of using corporate speak far more than I should, a legacy of 27 years working for big businesses, and that wasn’t helping me get my message across either. So, I made the investment in a coach, one who specialises in creating brand identities for coaches and consultants.

Over time ‘credit management’ became ‘cashflow’ in all my conversations and it worked. Small business owners haven’t really heard of credit management, but they all know how vital healthy cashflow is to their business. I started to get more interested in what I have to offer.

Having more productive conversations is one thing, but they need to be supported by marketing. One of the key things I came to realise was that my existing branding not only didn’t reflect what I do, but also didn’t reflect me. It was grey, I certainly wasn’t. Those that know me know I’m a bubbly, outgoing and fun person. The old brand certainly didn’t give that impression.

My coach talked about the words that reflected other people’s impressions of me. Confident came up. That’s when Confident Cashflow was born.

She then set about creating a brand identity for Confident Cashflow.

The Right Idea

Confident Cashflow Logo

The colours are much more me and when I first saw the image I immediately thought ‘Cash is King’. Most people see crowns and think as I did. Others have seen prosperity, authority, leadership and one person has also seen fireworks and celebration!

Now the hard work begins to get this brand out there. To get it known to everyone for the confidence it can give you that your business is strong, stable and can grow. That you can be confident you can pay your bills on time or pay yourself. Confident that you can afford a holiday, new car, new team member, new equipment, or a better pension. Whatever your aspirations for your business Confident Cashflow can help you achieve them.

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