Being a small business is hard. There just isn’t enough expertise in all fields to ensure you are compliant with everything. Between Simon and I, we pretty much had everything nailed, but one thing that was worrying me was our credit terms and lack of contract with our clients. We were working very much on a faith/trust basis, and it was only a matter of time before something went really wrong. So that’s when I called upon Nicki. Her knowledge of the ‘rules’ is outstanding. She was very friendly, and asked me all about my business to understand our own processes to get a better understanding of how we operate. It would have been very easy for her to issue us with a set of standards terms and conditions, but instead she tailored them to our exact needs.
We have implemented them for all new clients and contracts, and slowly introducing them for our existing and repeat clients. But I am feeling a lot happier now that we have something in place. I am hoping that we won’t ever have to use them against a client, but at least we have them now.

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