As someone who is relatively new to starting a business, the list of things I don’t know is far longer than the list of things I do know.

After hearing a few horror stories of what can go wrong when you don’t have terms of business in place, I sought Nicki’s help.

Nicki and I had a quick chat before going ahead. During our chat, it became obvious to me that I also needed some help to avoid potential cash flow issues in the future — so taking advantage of Nicki’s Cash Flow Focus Session was a no brainer.

Talking to Nicki was easy and straightforward and she was able to advise me on what processes and procedures I needed to put in place to ensure I could enforce my terms of business — particularly ensuring I got paid!

I was given a recording of our session, so I can recap what was discussed when I am ready to work on my processes (or just in case I need a refresh).

I would not hesitate to recommend Nicki for her service and expertise.

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