This morning I spent a very productive couple of hours with Nicki, going through how I manage my business finances.

I’ve been in business almost three years but due to some health challenges haven’t really felt able to get on top of things until now.

Nicki showed me how to set up a simple cash flow report so I can plan ahead for business expenses, rather than always chasing my tail
(Those annual subscriptions always catch me out but they won’t now!)

She also introduced me to easy ways to track things like the return on my marketing spend I’m so excited about doing this now and it always felt like a chore before.

Nicki is patient, knowledgeable and doesn’t make you feel as if you should know all this stuff. Armed with her tips and advice I now feel much more confident and in control of the financial side of my business.

I’d definitely recommend working with Nicki to check the financial health of your business. It’s well worth the investment!

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