The 5 Pillars Project

The 5 Pillars of Confident Cashflow Project


Designed to follow our 5 Pillars of Confident Cashflow Review, the ‘5 Pillars Project’ gives you ultimate peace of mind that your business is following a best practice approach to credit management. 

It removes the stress associated with continual late payment or a lack of knowledge about the risk profile of your clients.  

 During the project, we work collaboratively with you through several stages: 

  • Stage 1: Information Gathering

    • A detailed exploration of all areas of the business included in the 5 Pillars Framework
    • Review the need for customer information/account application forms etc

  • Stage 2: Drafting a Credit Policy and related documents, reporting formats and procedures

    • Full suite of documentation to be drafted, based on findings from review and information gathering stage of Project
    • Updates to Terms & Conditions
  • Stage 3: Consultation with appropriate stakeholders

    • Ensure full buy-in and true adoption from management and any regular users of the policy
    • Make any necessary revisions

  • Stage 4: Finalise and approve Credit Policy and related documents

    • Answer any outstanding queries
    • Sign off all materials

  • Stage 5: Implementation

    • Launch new policy
    • Consider communications required and audiences
    • Is training required?

  • Stage 6: Monitor, review, revise

    • Monthly check-ins for 6-month duration
    • Further support can be arranged if desired

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