Cashflow Programmes

Are you struggling to manage your cashflow?

Do you find paying bills difficult, because you’re waiting for money to come in?

Are you uncertain about what money you should have coming in and going out?

Even businesses making sales can struggle, because of poor cashflow. A business can look healthy on paper but if the debtors’ ledger is rising then financial difficulties may be around the corner.
If you’re focused on working hard in the business – marketing, selling, looking after staff – it’s easy for a cashflow crisis to creep up. This is where cashflow management can help, with our Cashflow Programme.

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Cashflow Foundations

As with our Cashflow Confidence programme below, we conduct an audit. We talk to you about your business and we come up with recommendations.

For our Foundations programme, we focus on the essential recommendations that need to be implemented.

Your programme might include:

  • Creating terms and conditions
  • Drawing up a credit control manual
  • Introducing cashflow reporting
  • Ledger management

Cashflow Confidence

We start with a comprehensive audit of your current systems and processes. We then talk to you about your business, what you want to achieve and what your goals are: do you want to grow your business? Take on more staff? Relocate? All these are relevant when it comes to looking at your cashflow and ensuring you have enough money in the pot to achieve your goals.

Based on this information, and what we have uncovered from our audit, we write a report detailing a series of recommendations. Then we work together on a plan of action.

Your programme might include:

  • Goal setting
  • Improving your credit rating
  • Revising or introducing terms and conditions
  • A review of your client protfolio
  • Checking the credit rating of key clients
  • Introducing debt management strategies
  • Overhauling your credit control system
  • Ledger management
  • Training your staff in credit control procedures
  • Introducing cashflow forecasting
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