Cash Flow Focus Sessions


Our Cash Flow Focus Sessions are designed to enable smaller businesses to better understand the best practices of credit management.

Do you feel as though you could be assessing credit risk better? Are you confident enough in your terms and conditions? Do you have a credit policy (you are never too small for one – they put your business on a sound footing for growth and future investment)

If you’ve ever experienced late payments, you’ll know how damaging it can be to businesses. A healthy turnover is one thing, but your business is at risk if you cannot raise the cash against your invoices.

During a focus session, we can discuss any issues that concern you and we will aim to identify whether changes are needed to your business policies or processes to give you a robust footing on which to do business.

What is a Cash Flow Focus Session?

It’s either a video call via Teams or an all-day, in-person session. It is 100% personalised to you and your business.

You set the topic in advance. Some examples are:
• Why do I not have more money in my bank account even though I can see my sales increasing?
• I want to offer credit options to future clients but I’m nervous in case they take advantage.
• I’m permanently overdrawn and trying to make my cash stretch further. How can I beat this negative cycle?
• I’ve got a bad debt. How can I recover the money and avoid this happening again?
• I hate having difficult conversations about payment. How can I make this easier?

On the day, we will provide you with the necessary guidance to ensure you have a clear course of action to resolve your problem or to rise to the challenge.

It’s time to book a focus session if you:
• Feel overwhelmed by late payment or erratic cashflow
• Know your sales should cover your expenses, but there never seems to be enough money in the bank
• You want to know how to improve your cash position
• You find it a challenge to get paid on time by one or more clients
• You have a specific problem or opportunity that you’d like to untangle with an independent and experienced professional
• You’d like a fresh opinion on your credit control processes and strategy

What sort of things have you discussed before?

  • A had just suffered a significant bad debt and realised that their credit control processes were too fluid. Together we mapped out a process from the point of being asked to quote through to getting paid, and along the way, we discussed credit checks, onboarding, invoicing, credit terms, terms and conditions, automated reminders, credit insurance, chasing activity, suspending and terminating contracts and next steps for debt recovery.
  • B was struggling to manage a growing business. They knew sales were increasing but this didn’t seem to equal more money in the bank account. We discussed their numbers and simple ways to track them so they could make informed decisions about the direction of their business.
  • C was looking at offering credit to their customers for the first time as a way of making more sales and wanted to make sure they protected themselves from late or non-payment. We discussed the potential risks and strategies for managing those risks.
  • D was permanently living on an overdraft, both in the business and personally as they hadn’t been able to pay themselves for a while. We looked at pricing, credit terms and credit management strategies to get out of the red and back into the black.
  • E had a non-paying customer who they were struggling to deal with without getting stressed or angry. We came up with an escalation plan for communications with the customer and discussed what they could do differently in future to avoid this situation happening again.
  • F was afraid of picking up the phone to their clients to ask for payment and had been avoiding It for some time. They’d been hiding behind email, but that wasn’t getting the results they needed. We talked through how to prepare for a call, what to say and how to follow up to achieve the outcome they needed.

How much does a Cash Flow Focus Session Cost?

Teams session - £250 + VAT
All day in person session - £750 + VAT

You will be invoiced when you book, and it will need to be paid for before the session.

Please call us to book an all-day in-person session.

Book a Teams Cash Flow Focus Session
  • "Nicki and her expertise are second to none. What I thought I'd get out of spending a day with Nicki and the value I actually got was so much more! We took a deep dive into the processes within my business, and Nicki very quickly helped identify where certain things could be tweaked and added to streamline everything, so the cash flows with ease. I have my homework to do, which is a lot but not overwhelming as I know Nicki is there to reach out to when I need it; she gave me the confidence to be vulnerable, and it's paid off. I am looking forward to continually working with Nicki as our business grows!"

    Laura, Director - So Fresh & So Clean Limited

  • As someone who is relatively new to starting a business, the list of things I don't know is far longer than the list of things I do know.

    After hearing a few horror stories of what can go wrong when you don't have terms of business in place, I sought Nicki's help.

    Nicki and I had a quick chat before going ahead. During our chat, it became obvious to me that I also needed some help to avoid potential cash flow issues in the future — so taking advantage of Nicki's Cash Flow Focus Session was a no brainer.

    Talking to Nicki was easy and straightforward and she was able to advise me on what processes and procedures I needed to put in place to ensure I could enforce my terms of business — particularly ensuring I got paid!

    I was given a recording of our session, so I can recap what was discussed when I am ready to work on my processes (or just in case I need a refresh).

    I would not hesitate to recommend Nicki for her service and expertise.

  • I had reason to ask Nicki for some advice re credit arrangements for client payments, as I could not find the current information that I was looking for. She very quickly got to the nub of my enquiry, and need, and gave me exactly the precise up to date information that I needed. I am deeply grateful for her knowledge and support.

    If you need support as a young business, and you want to do things right, you should always go to the expert first. I want a strong foundation for my business which is why I engaged with Nicki. Thank you for your swift support Nicki, it was spot on!

  • Nicki is really knowledgeable about credit control. We had a very productive conversation about how I could solve the problem I was having with a client not paying and how I could have prevented that from happening with certain measures in place first. I would certainly recommend giving Nicki a call, She can help you with your payment challenges in a calm and confident manner.

If you’re not sure if a Cash FLow Focus Session is right for you or think you need longer-term support, let’s chat about how I can help.

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