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From commercial clients to more specialist, tougher cleaning jobs, from its Swindon base, So Fresh and So Clean has served the south west since 2011 and as director Laura Dent explains, cashflow can be a challenge running a small business – or at least it was until she worked with Confident Cashflow. In this powerful case study Laura reveals just how transformational the process has been: “I wanted to work with Nicki at Confident Cashflow, I had met her and knew her reputation. We had some conversations, but you know, I just didn't have the time or the money for…
Case Study – Laura
Commercial Cleaning
Like most businesspeople, Peter Jones from The HR Dept in Swindon, has many better activities to focus on than credit control, which is why he turned to Nicki Kinton and the team at Confident Cashflow, with remarkable results. Peter Jones explains: “Working with Nicki Kinton at Confident Cashflow has quickly seen a 95% reduction of outstanding debt and allows me to focus on my business and this came about through networking. “We had helped Nicki expand her team and that gave more capacity for credit control, and we were more than happy to outsource chasing our debts. quite frankly, I've…
Case Study – Peter
HR Consultancy
While I had known Nicki for some time in her capacity as a BNI Ambassador and we had enjoyed 121s learning about one another’s businesses, I had perhaps overlooked a crucial offering from Confident Cashflow, something perhaps too many of us overlook. It was only after Nicki passed referrals for case studies that we discussed the different services she would like explored within the case studies, that terms and conditions came up and naturally I asked about her approach and as the conversation continued, I realised… I needed T&Cs, that crucial small print that is never important until it is.…
Case Study – Nigel
Case Studies
Nicki has given me some excellent and tailored advice after listening and understanding my specific business needs. Her understanding and assessment has given me a solid basis to move forward. She also passed on other useful contacts who can support me on other issues. Overall, Nicki is very knowledgeable and can offer relevant advise, a great person to connect with. (delivered through the Tewkesbury Growth Hub)
PVC Compounds Sales & Support
I worked with Nicki on some new and updated Ts & Cs and also an Introducers Agreement and she was efficient, responsive, knowledgeable and fun to work with. I would recommend her highly.
Business Funding Consultancy
Nicki and her team make keeping on top of your debtor days a breeze - they are professional, friendly, and consistent with their chasing, and they're also very clear on what the expectations are for prompt payment, training clients to pay within the terms that they agreed to. Confident Cashflow have helped us move a number of clients from ad hoc payments onto direct debit, giving us a more predictable cashflow. We recommend them to any of our clients who want help with getting payments collected on time, and with updating their terms and conditions to better protect their businesses.
Cash flow can be a struggle in any business but for me being just me it at times has been a massive issue and going from being employed and being paid every month it can be hard to juggle. I had one session with Nicki and she gave me some great advice on some small tweaks I could make in my Xero and in managing cash flow. I can honestly say it was a game changer for me and I would highly recommend Nicki, she’s so knowledgeable and helped me understand things in a simple language. Thank you Nicki!
HR Consultancy
Nicki was recommended to me as I needed some help with my Ts & Cs. She asked a lot of questions to find out exactly what it was I needed, she explained what was missing and what she could improve on. Nicki is very knowledgeable and thorough and she produced a set of easy to understand Ts & Cs that I feel confident sending to my clients. I'd highly recommend Nicki's services.
Remote PA Support
I’m part of a networking group with Nicki and used her services to get on top of our credit control function.She gave me lots of great advice and actionable tips that have helped us collect cash much faster.I can totally recommend Nicki for her knowledge and expertise.
Nicki had been recommended for Terms & Conditions by many people and as ours needed rewriting I contacted Nicki for help. Our old document had been cobbled together from online templates and difficult clients and was not fit for purpose. Nicki asked questions that I didn't even know I needed to answer and wrote a whole new set of T&Cs for my website business that I now feel confident covers both us and our clients. I would highly recommend Nicki for her fantastic knowledge and service.
Web Designer
Nicki updated my Ts&Cs recently after my rebranding and helped to streamline my contracts. She reviewed what I had and rewrote them in simple to understand language using my branding. They look really good and I highly recommend her.
Financial Planner and Coach
it was a pleasure to work with nicki , in producing our first really professional terms and conditions as a company , the insight and experience nicki has is why we used her company to perform this task for us , we look forward to keeping in touch and using nicki again in the near future .
Painting & Decorating
As someone who is relatively new to starting a business, the list of things I don't know is far longer than the list of things I do know. After hearing a few horror stories of what can go wrong when you don't have terms of business in place, I sought Nicki's help. Nicki and I had a quick chat before going ahead. During our chat, it became obvious to me that I also needed some help to avoid potential cash flow issues in the future — so taking advantage of Nicki's Cash Flow Focus Session was a no brainer. Talking…
Tech Coach
Nicki recently compiled a set of Ts&Cs for me. Her approach was efficient and patiently took the time to understand my processes and delivered exactly what I had asked for without fuss, Her knowledge and expertise is second to none and provided a fantastic set of Ts&Cs, all ready for me to use. I would definitely recommend Nicki for any other business owners. Thank you
Web Developer
Scotts of Reading would like to thank Nicki Kinton for her work in updating our terms and conditions, the work provided was very professional, carried out quickly and was cost effective.We will definitely be acquiring Nicki to advise us on our company cash flow.
Windows & Doors
Nicki recently compiled a set of Ts&Cs for me. Her approach was efficient and smooth which was a relief as this was not an area where I had any expertise so the relief of being able to hand it over and know a good job would be done was immense. Nicki delivered on her promises and provided a fantastic set of Ts&Cs, all ready for me to use. Definitely recommend for any other business owners.
Nicki provided us with up to date Terms and Conditions and Associates Agreements. She brought a wealth of experience and was very proactive in making suggestions for things to include. I feel confident we have the right agreements in place for our business and these go way beyond anything we could have put together ourselves. Nicki has a professional approach and is a pleasure to work with.
Training Provider
We booked onto one of Nicki’s hour long cash flow management sessions and it was excellent. She took us through some simple yet effective methods of approaching our credit control which had really had a big impact in our business. Definitely recommend and will be working more with Nicki in the future!
Plumbing & Heating
Nicki was our presenter at the Growth Hub webinar "How To Avoid Late Payments and Boost Cash flow", and it was an absolute pleasure working with her.Apart from having a great depth of working experience in this field, she was very good at making her tips and advice accessible, easy to take away and action, and helping us understand what to do if things go really wrong with our credit control. I liked the way she helped us understand both the people and process elements of credit control best practices, because for smaller businesses the whole idea of not being…
Growth Hub
Nicki is really knowledgeable about credit control. We had a very productive conversation about how I could solve the problem I having with a client not paying and how I could have prevented that from happening with certain measures in place first. I would certainly recommend giving Nicki a call, she can help you with your payment challenges in a calm and confident manner.
Nicki was recommended to me by a business mentor I was using in 2019/2020 and I have never looked back. Nicki has given me valuable advice and supported me to troubleshoot areas in areas I didn't realise I had problems with. My cashflow is running much better, my debtors are under control, and she also created the client contracts we now use to ensure we have clarity about what we charge for. All this and she is a super lovely person too. Thank you so much Nicki!
Domiciliary Support Services
It's quite simple - Nicki gets me my money. In the most civilised, grown up way, Nicki chases my unpaid bills. You know how it is. You send out a bill, payment terms 28 days, after 40 days it's still not paid. Now it's a problem. With Nicki, it never gets that far. The money is paid on time or you know early doors that there's a problem. She keeps my cash flow coming as it should be. It's difficult enough running a business without chasing bills - Nicki takes away that issue. I now worry about other stuff! Put…
Nicki was recommended to me by a throng of satisfied customers and she has now added me to that group!! Nicki, from the outset was able to support in articulating my requirements through simple and effective questions, discussions and "what if" scenarios, she then delivered on point! I am now confident that I have a framework of T's and C's, perfectly suited to what I do and how I do it, leaving me enough flexibility to create lasting rapport , credibility and trust with my clients over things we often "don't like talking about“ In the excitement of a new…
Behavioural Change Consultancy
Absolutely delighted with my new T&Cs. Whilst having a coffee and chat, Nicki highlighted various things that I needed to think about and include in my business terms and conditions. Up until then the business didn’t have a formal set of T&Cs. Our conversation made me realise that I needed to implement these for the business. I quickly engaged Nicki to work with me on this. We started with an initial consultation where Nicki asked key questions about how the business operated and its services. She made strategic suggestions about what to include in the T&Cs. Throughout the process she…
I've been in business for 13 years and over time I've had to add to my T&C's - but in the process they became confusing and in some areas repetitive and out of date. I spoke to Nicki about looking over them and within a short time she picked out several areas that needed work.It's quite obvious that Nicki knows her work well; once on the job she created and refined a comprehensive set of T&C's for me, which are clear, concise and very up to date. I wish I had them done years ago; I feel far more confident…
Whilst it seemed like an onerous task when I first started to think about finally getting some professional T's & C's sorted, Nicki made it feel like a comfortable journey. She guided me through the process, taking time to fully understand my business, with professionalism. I much appreciated this approach and Nicki's flexibility throughout. I would recommend Nicki's services with confidence.
PA & EA Services
Nicki updated my T&Cs and helped me understand how to best deal with an complex situation around an outstanding invoice. Nicki is incredibly professional, reliable and knowledgeable. I felt completely safe in her hands. I thorough recommend Nicki, she is excellent! Thank you Nicki
Business Consultancy
Nicki Kinton was recommended to me when I was having an issue with some unpaid invoices and difficult client.After some excellent advice regarding dealing with my situation and a strategy for payment going forward, Nicki also made some sound suggestions and revisions for my terms and conditions, that would protect my business further.The terms and conditions are attached to my proposals and estimates and initially I asked for feedback from clients as I was a little concerned that they were too in depth, but the response has been really positive, comments such as how professional my terms and conditions are…
Graphic Design
Having had a number of bad experiences with customers quibbling over invoices etc I knew it was time I had some solid T's and C's written. A business owner local to me recommended Nicki's services to me. I was not disappointed. Nicki's professional and friendly manner enabled her to quickly get a grasp of my business and what was required in 'legal speak' for the T's and C's. With no fuss or complications she put together just what was needed and at a reasonable price. I can now move ahead with confidence in my business knowing I am protected by…
Nicki Kinton wrote the Terms and Conditions for my photography business. She was incredibly knowledgeable and professional. Efficient and friendly. I would highly recommend Nicki.
Nicki put together some T&Cs for our building company. She was very friendly & professional. Nicki visited to discuss our requirements & explained everything in detail. We received the document quickly & it was spot on. Thank you very much.
From the start to the finishing of our new contracts agreement for customers Nicki has been brilliant. Listened closely to our needs and has delivered. Thank you very much Nicki would highly recommend you.
From our first chat through to me engaging Nicki’s service to help us get owed money from someone else’s account and into our own. I found Nicki to be thorough and a great communicator, happy to have those awkward conversations with our customers who just aren’t paying and ask why they haven’t and when will we receive payment
Nicki has been supporting me with the creation of some complicated client terms and did a superb job! I really can't recommend her enough!The client terms were very tricky and slightly different due to our business model, but Nicki listened carefully, making fantastic suggestions and overcoming challenges. Nicki's approach is great!, she really takes the time to get to know your business and I couldn't be happier with the result.Thank-you so much for all your hard work! I am sure we will be working together again in the future!
Nicki completed our terms and conditions and also helped us with our debt collection process which in turn has made a huge improvement in our Cashflow! Forever grateful! 😁
Nicki's thorough review of my HR business services proposition and Interim contracting options made me think far more clearly about how I wanted to work with new clients. Her help and advice has been invaluable and she has provided me with a set of excellent terms and conditions. If you are even considering starting your own business, or if you need a review of your current T's&C's I highly recommend you give Nicki a call.
HR Consultancy
Nicki spoke to my group of 70 plus women at an event that we held. The topic was Cash Flow. She commanded the room with such a lovely manner, everyone was fully engaged from start to finish. She is such a pleasure to work with. Nicki is reliable, informative and really does the extra. She shines through with her professionalism and knowledge.
Network Founder & Leader
We started working with Nicki about a year ago [2018] when she helped us chase and recover payment of a very late invoice from a large industrial client. Her considerable professionalism, experience and tenacity meant that we were one of the few suppliers to be paid before the company went out of business. Since then, she has been working closely with us to manage all our day-to-day invoice payments and she is now a valued member our team. We can’t recommend her highly enough.
Garden Design & Build
Nicki carried out a much needed review of my terms of business. Her friendly and efficient approach was much appreciated and she was able to recommended some important changes, making my business terms much more robust and fit for purpose. Nicki is very knowledgeable and I would her recommend to anyone in a similar situation.
Town Planning Consultant
Nicki Kinton helped me by putting together a really comprehensive set of terms and conditions for me to use with my clients. She was so proactive and asked me questions that made me really think through my risks and put mitigations in place that were easy to understand (for me and my clients). She's a really down to earth, pragmatic and ethical operator. I'm really happy working with her and happily highly recommend her to others. You can trust her completely to do the right thing for you and your business.
HR Consultancy
Nicki very carefully and patiently took a look at my Ts and Cs, safe to say they were a little bit of a mess. She challenged me and made me feel confident in her knowledge and expertise.I know have explicit Ts and Cs that reflect my business and have complete confidence in any job going forward that these are compliant and do their correct job! I would highly recommend Nicki to anyone.
Exhibition Stand Supplier
This morning I spent a very productive couple of hours with Nicki, going through how I manage my business finances. I’ve been in business almost three years but due to some health challenges haven’t really felt able to get on top of things until now. Nicki showed me how to set up a simple cash flow report so I can plan ahead for business expenses, rather than always chasing my tail(Those annual subscriptions always catch me out but they won’t now!) She also introduced me to easy ways to track things like the return on my marketing spend I’m so…
Marketing Mentor
I contacted Nicki for help with a debt that I didn’t really want to chase myself – but didn’t want to allow it to go unpaid.Nicki acted promptly and took the time to explain the steps to take, helping me to view the situation in a more practical manner, instead of viewing it emotionally.I felt much more in control of the situation after speaking to Nicki, and the steps that Nicki told me to take have resulted in a prompt payment of overdue invoices.I can’t recommend Nicki highly enough – she gave me the information and strategies I needed –…
So credit management didn’t sound that exciting to me but I booked Nicki to give a talk to my networking group because I thought it would be useful. Useful is an understatement! The talk was pitched perfectly to small business owners and directly addressed the issues involved. Nicki took questions brilliantly and made the whole topic make sense. She gave some excellent advice and I hope to work with her in future. Thank you Nicki!
Networking Group Leader
I met Nicki at a 4Networking meeting and we chatted a few times. It was clear to see that Nicki is very knowledgeable in her field and keen to help. I already had a set of T's & C's that were fairly comprehensive but they were not bespoke to my business and there were things Nicki pointed out that should be included. Nicki already knew a bit about my business having been a previous customer but she undertook extensive research in my industry to fully understand my business and requirements in terms of T's & C's. Nicki works in an…
After 3 years of conducting my Social Media Outsourcing business I finally have my T&Cs done thanks to Nicki Kinton of Confident Cashflow. Nicki's friendly but knowledgeable approach allowed me to define exactly what needs to be covered to protect both my client's and my own interests. The speed that we worked at was very impressive too. We had 2 sets of Visually Explained T&Cs done and ready in less than a week. I'll be certainly spreading the word and recommending Confident Cashflow in the future. Thank you.
Social Media Marketing
I met Nicki via LinkedIn and she has been a massive help to me in the business. She is organised, transparent and easy to deal with. Above all she gets clients to pay promptly and she has improved my cashflow enormously. I would recommend her highly.
I asked Nicki to draw up some Ts & Cs for my business and she absolutely delivered. She did her research so she could fully understand my sector, asked pertinent questions,and produced Ts & Cs which are spot on. She's very professional to work with, listens and is hugely likeable. Most importantly, I now have peace of mind that I am covered for eventualities.
Copywriting & PR
Nicki provided exactly what I needed - a concise, yet comprehensive set of Ts and Cs. She took the time to understand the different aspects of my business, before giving very informed and professional advice. I will definitely be using Nicki again as my requirements evolve.
Heath & Safety Consultancy
As a relatively new business we needed some T's and C's to make sure we and our customers were appropriately protected. Nicki worked with us, taking the time to understand the unique elements of our services, to create some solid T's and C's. Communication and follow up was excellent, as were the response times to our queries and of course the final quality product. With a friendly manner backed by great subject knowledge, I can happily recommend Confident Cashflow to anyone and everyone.
Lighting Design
Being a small business is hard. There just isn’t enough expertise in all fields to ensure you are compliant with everything. Between Simon and I, we pretty much had everything nailed, but one thing that was worrying me was our credit terms and lack of contract with our clients. We were working very much on a faith/trust basis, and it was only a matter of time before something went really wrong. So that’s when I called upon Nicki. Her knowledge of the ‘rules’ is outstanding. She was very friendly, and asked me all about my business to understand our own…
Drone Photography
I met Nicki through a local networking group as I was looking for someone to write Terms and Conditions for my new venture into the corporate world and to refresh the T&Cs I had for my online eLearning business.The process was professional, timely and interactive. Nicki had a good understanding of what I needed but made sure that any specific requirements were captured and added to the documents.I would definitely recommend her, both from a professional perspective in what she delivers, but also the engagement and connection that we made at a personal level.
Trainer & Educator
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