Do you struggle with late payments?
Do you lack clarity on what credit you offer your clients?

The problem may not be what you think it is…

While I had known Nicki for some time in her capacity as a BNI Ambassador and we had enjoyed 121s learning about one another’s businesses, I had perhaps overlooked a crucial offering from Confident Cashflow, something perhaps too many of us overlook.

It was only after Nicki passed referrals for case studies that we discussed the different services she would like explored within the case studies, that terms and conditions came up and naturally I asked about her approach and as the conversation continued, I realised… I needed T&Cs, that crucial small print that is never important until it is.

Nicki would spend another Zoom encounter quizzing me on Case Study PR and while I had many of the answers, as the interview went on it was clear that Nicki had some powerful insight and was then suggesting approaches to scenarios I hadn’t dreamed of, but probably should have considered.

Nicki is all about the detail when it comes to nailing the terms and conditions and the first draft was just that and she was patient as that draft triggered more questions from me and she diligently tweaked the T&Cs and explained to me when something might not work as intended.
As with so many specialists I’ve been lucky enough to work with through BNI, Nicki knows where business communications can stumble, and a well-crafted set of terms and conditions can be the difference between a mutual agreed outcome and jabby fingers and cries of ‘See you in court’. Certainly, aggravation few of us have time for.

I absolutely do recommend Nicki and Confident Cashflow, not least when my own T&Cs come up in conversation. I’m sure asking for others’ versions is going to lead to referrals too. Of course, if you’re T&Cs are not up to scratch, Nicki can help with credit control…

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