Do you struggle with late payments?
Do you lack clarity on what credit you offer your clients?

The problem may not be what you think it is…

Like most businesspeople, Peter Jones from The HR Dept in Swindon, has many better activities to focus on than credit control, which is why he turned to Nicki Kinton and the team at Confident Cashflow, with remarkable results. Peter Jones explains:

“Working with Nicki Kinton at Confident Cashflow has quickly seen a 95% reduction of outstanding debt and allows me to focus on my business and this came about through networking.

“We had helped Nicki expand her team and that gave more capacity for credit control, and we were more than happy to outsource chasing our debts. quite frankly, I’ve actually struggled to understand why anybody who runs a business would not engage with Nicki.

“And to be fair, I mean, nobody wants to go and speak to their clients about not paying you an invoice. It’s not a comfortable conversation, we often don’t handle it very well. And what I found working with Nicki is that she has that separation from us who are delivering the work, she can have the ‘tough chat’ with the client. But actually, it’s not that tough, because the way she delivers it to the client, it doesn’t put their nose out of joint, in fact, quite often, it’s conciliatory. And they work through the issue and find a way getting the money back.

“Nicki’s approach to debt collection is notably courteous and professional. She has a unique way of being firm yet polite when chasing outstanding payments, which not only gets results but also maintains the integrity and reputation of our business. This is of immense value to us, as it aligns perfectly with our company ethos.

“Furthermore, a proactive stance in managing our accounts receivable has been a breath of fresh air. Nicki and her team diligently chase up missing invoices, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

“Whenever Nicki emails someone who has not paid, it is copied to my Xero system, so I can see exactly what is happening. There is complete transparency on everything done to recover debts.

“This enables me to focus on growing the business. For the business owner, it’s one of those activities, that is a bit of a time suck. It has to be done if you’re not getting paid. And I always find it’s quite a negative activity to undertake when you’re trying to grow your business. It doesn’t put you in the right frame of mind or growth mindset as such. Outsourcing credit control to Nicki just allows me to focus on the growth of the business.

“I focus on the big decisions I have to make as the business owner and I do not worry from month to month about outstanding debt, I just notice more money in the bank account.

“Before the involvement of Confident Cashflow the outstanding debt was a major concern for us, impacting our financial stability and operational efficiency. However, since they took charge of our credit control, there has been a remarkable turnaround. Consistent and effective strategies have dramatically reduced our outstanding and overdue deb, a feat that seemed almost unattainable before their assistance.

“Working with Confident Cashflow has been a seamless and highly productive experience, which is why I have referred Nicki to so many businesses. I must be one of her best referral partners, I’m certainly a big supporter of what she does.

Nicki is well-versed in the challenges and solutions related to late payments, and her agency’s success in significantly reducing outstanding debts speaks volumes. I am confident that an introduction to Nicki could lead to discussions on how you could work together to enhance your service portfolio and offer even greater support to your clients.”

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